Fayetteville Comic Con

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Fayetteville’s celebration of comic books and pop culture -- everything cool and geeky! Cosplay, toys, action figures and more at the largest comic con in Southeastern North Carolina.

"If it's Geek, We Got It"




11:00 Go Go Godzilla: Motion Capture Demonstration

11:30 Swordplay Fun with the Knights of the Fiat Lux

12:00 Door Prizes and Trivia

12:30 Ninjas: Fact or Fiction, Elevo Dynamic

1:00 Cosplay Lip Sync Battles: Junior Division

2:00 Door Prizes and Trivia

2:30 Cosplay Contest: Junior Division

4:00 That Voodoo That We Do: Belly Dancing with Shadows of Fire Dance Troupe

5:00 Geek Comedy with Tyler Wood

5:45 Door Prizes and Trivia

6:15 Game of Thrones Tribute Band


11:00 Swordplay Fun with the Knights of the Fiat Lux

11:30 Door Prizes and Trivia

12:00 John Herdman discusses Harry Potter, MMA and Robin Hood

12:45 Cosplay Lip Sync Battles: Senior Division

1:45 Door Prizes and Trivia

2:00 Cosplay Contest: Senior Division

3:30 Charity Auction to Benefit FAPS

4:00 Belly Dancing with Shadows of Fire Dance Troupe

4:30 Nerd Slam Finals

5:30 We say goodbye with trivia and spectacular grand prizrs!

We also pride ourselves on offering more special events and entertainment that almost any other con, most free with admission, including:

*Aerialists -- right next to the Main Stage, enjoy the cirque-like movements of Air Born Aerial Artists (FCC Exclusive)

*Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Caricatures!!!


*Live Tattooing  -- Presented by American Tattoo Society. All kinds of geek designs, including the FCC logo -- or come up with your own design (FCC Exclusive, tattooing will be done in a semi-private room adjacent to the main con floor)

*GEEK Speed Dating -- register at their booth, then find the guy or girl of your dreams. Held in the ESPN restaurant in the Crown Center

*Martial Arts Demonstrations, courtesy Elevo Dynamics, right on our Main Stage

*Sword Play Demonstrations -- A big hit last year, presented by the Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux, Ulfberht Chapter, also on the Main Staqe

*Live Comedy from the Attention Horse and Tyler Wood!

*Don't forget our Door Prizes, free Comics or Cards at FCC Information Booth, and more than 30 panels -- "If it's Geek, We Got It"



1960 Coliseum Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28306