Fayetteville Comic Con

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Fayetteville’s celebration of comic books and pop culture -- everything cool and geeky! Cosplay, toys, action figures and more at the largest comic con in Southeastern North Carolina.

The Fayetteville Comic Con will feature a wide assortment of quality vendors, who will be bringing comic books, of course, from the golden age to all the popular titles of today. Our selection of comic books far surpasses that of most "comic cons," as we are all long-time comic book fans.

But we’ll also feature all kinds of vintage and newer toys -- including thousands of Pop Vinyls! -- cosplay accessories and accoutrements, anime, jewelry, Star Wars and Doctor Who collectibles, DVDs, vintage video games, steampunk and, well, who knows what else you might find . . ..

We also have a large Artist Alley, with some of the best artists from Cumberland County and across the Carolinas, and were are continuing one of the first Author Alleys in the country, with many SF & Fantasy authors, including Prospective Press and SF/Fantasy author Chris Kennedy!



 Josh Almond/BUZZ Comics -- Comics, Comics, Comics! Beards also!

Angry Comics -- Varied selection of comics, maybe some toys and gaming too

Apocalypse Comics -- Reading material for The End of the World

Baby Rabiez -- Steampunk and other cool items

Big Time Toys — Awesome assortment of toys, new, old, vintage and rare

Boot Hill Designs — High quality custom made prints and other collectibles

Mark Bowers — Comics and Toys, including lots of Pops

Gene Carpenter -- Golden and Silver Age comic books, including an amazing 40-foot plus back display. 

Casablanca Modeling — Do you have what it takes?

Color World -- Publishers of comics and SF books

Dancing Lemur Press

DJ Decals -- All kinds of geeky decals, some exclusive to the FCC

Dragon's Lair -- Comic books, plus official representative of CGC -- get your comics books and autographs certified.

Ducky’s Comics — Outstanding selection of comic books — and huge Disney fans! Be sure to say hello.

Eclipse Pop -- Toys

Epikos -- Comics, Toys

Everstar — Dice and other gaming accessories

Fanboy Glass -- unique, hand-designed glassware, other geeky stuff

Rick Fortenberry -- Comic books of all types.

Frank’s Cool Stuff — Anime and Asian cinema DVDs, Anime related toys, trading and gaming cards WOW

Gamers Guild -- Gaming of all types

Hatcore — Fashionable, Fanciful Hats for the dressy Geek in all of us

Healing Hands -- Massage Therapy

Hot Shot Toys -- Bringing an awesome assortment of toys.

Georgia Hollenbeck -- Cosplay clothing and accessories

Hero's Haven -- Toys, Transformers

Hidden Palace Games -- Video Games, Anime collectibles, Pokemon

Kitty in the Box -- anime, anime, anime

Larry Hayes -- Vintage Toys

Lasik Vision Institute

Lone Wolf Customs — Handcrafted, beautiful cosplay clothing, accessories & other geeky items

Mario's Comics -- Modern and older comics

Sean "Mego Man" Morse -- Mego and tons of other vintage toys

Museum Replicas -- one of the country's biggest vendors of medieval swords, costuming and other neat stuff

Mystery Shack — New vendors this year, and we are so glad — high quality, diverse, curated selections of geek gifts and collectibles from every genre!

New World Collectibles -- BIG selection of toys, including POP Vinyls

Orange Ribbon — Decals and collectibles

Outer Rim Toys/Jewelry — Toys of all types and even some geek jewelry

Player's Choice -- Toys, comics, video games

Punch Monkey Designs -- All kinds of cool cosplay accessories

Punk Monkey Comics — Comics and Toys

Rebel Base Comics & Toys -- As the name says, comics and toys

Redgator -- Wide variety of Toys

Red Lantern Comics and Toys

Ribbons & Rivets — Geeky Leather Goods

Banks Robinson -- Fantastic selection of silver and golden age comics

Second & Charles -- Fayetteville's leading used book store, with comics and toys

Second Player Video Games

A Steampunked Life -- Perhaps the leading steampunk vendor on the east coast — Look for their steampunk Tardis at the con!

Stop_Button Barcade

Galaxy Con

Three Rivers — All kinds of geek gifts and cosplay items — awesome asssortment of cool canes!

Tokyo Retro Gaming — Japanese imports, plus VR GAMING!

Treasure Quest Mining — Rock Hounds, this is the booth for you! A wide assortment of geological rarities

Triangle Cards/Tony Sacarello — Non-sports Cards, Binders, vintage Geek-Related Shirts

Trilogy Shop -- Anime figures, toys, manga and more

Joseph Williams — Transformers Galore!

Up & Coming Weekly


Be Kind, Rewind!

Brianne Sew Crafty

Gerald Boney

Damon Bowie

Catalyst Comics

Leairis Cross

Charles Drake

Clumsy Man Comics


Jeff Davidson

Max Dowdle

Dragon Fly Soaps

Dungeon Wears

Faith with Fandom

Chris Flick

Melissa Francis

Giant Star Entertainment

Greenville Glassworks

Sarah Harrod

Holly Fields of Gold

Takara Janelle

Jelly Momo

Kawaii Art Cafe

Neko Kitty

Marshall Lakes

Liesel's Hat Hutch

Suzanna Linton

Highborn Studios

Marshall Lakes

McDevitt Studios

RJ Marchese

Chris McJunkin

woLLy Menar

Mr. Lovenstein

Steve Miller

JR Mounts

Paprika Studios

Donna Petry

Michael Mez Phillips

Lyle Pollard

Ranelynn Graphics

Jonathan Rosenbaum (Majanation)

Rumble and Roar

David Sorensen

Space Wizard Science Fantasy (William Tracy)

Stephanie Schnepp

Tim Showers

Bryan SilverBaX

Johndell Snead

38Kid Pixels


Two Brothers and a Bard

Unique Creations by Amy

Vulgar Dragon

Waki The Great

Chris Wharton

Cecelia Wilken

Winged Creations

Brian Wingrove

Zennata’s Creations




James Maxey

Chris Kennedy


Prospective Press










1960 Coliseum Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28306